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Why not leave Afghanistan?

According to the UK’s new Chief of Defence Staff, Sir David Richards, speaking back in January, NATO can’t cut and run in Afghanistan because we can’t risk losing face in the developing world and “letting down” both the Afghan people … Continue reading

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All of the Bible?

A feature of the culture wars now raging in the Anglican Communion is the readiness of one side, but not all of the other, to deploy a familiar weapon of seemingly awesome power: the Bible. Reverence for scripture has been … Continue reading

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My Paris

Some cities – very few – we know as iconic citadels of our imagination, places of the heart, even if we have never been there: London and New York, of course; Jerusalem, possibly. And then there is Paris.

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Think about it 4

Das Ewig-Weibliche zieht uns hinan [The eternally female draws us onward] J W v Goethe. Faust (1832) Part 2 Several sayings by Goethe are quite opaque; apparently, not even Germans are fully agreed on what this one means. That leaves … Continue reading

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President of England

Unlike monarchism, republicanism has almost never played well in Britain. There are some generally accepted reasons for this, but they would come under closer examination if the head of state issue revives after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Nothing’s … Continue reading

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Religion blogs: an appeal

New to blogging, I’ve spent some time recently exploring the blogosphere. It doesn’t take long to recall Thomas Friedman’s observation that parts of the web can be like “an open sewer.” Particularly disappointing, and sometimes alarming, is the level of … Continue reading

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Who are you, habibi?

We’ve met, you and I, in a country in the Middle East (we need not bother about its name or yours) but I wonder if I know you. I have to guess. So let me speculate a little about who … Continue reading

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Think about it 3

Seamos realistas y hagamos lo imposible! [We are realists, we do the impossible!] Che Guevara n.d. Che Guevara’s famous zen-like declaration has appeared in different languages, often as graffiti and with slightly different wording, all over the world.  I first … Continue reading

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