Religion blogs: an appeal

New to blogging, I’ve spent some time recently exploring the blogosphere. It doesn’t take long to recall Thomas Friedman’s observation that parts of the web can be like “an open sewer.”

Particularly disappointing, and sometimes alarming, is the level of blogosphere debate about faith, religion and spirituality. These are particular interests of mine. Far from being a relatively quiet area of informed debate, good discussions and love thy neighbour, too often this part of the cyberlandscape more obviously resembles an artillery proving ground or weapons testing range.

Some of the posts I see seem to have been uploaded by people who have either not thought carefully enough about what they’re saying or who display what I can only describe as basic ignorance (on the category difference between religion and science, for instance). Other blog posts seem happy to base their incivility on their confident misrepresentation – to a serious degree – of what other writers are saying; yet other posts are simply ugly and insulting. But then I suppose that you have to accept that religion and faith, like any other human realm of experience and belief, has its violent slum areas.

So I’m putting out an appeal: does anyone out there know where the decent blogs are in the areas of religion, faith and spirituality? I’ve found the God Gap blog but that’s about all so far. Good advice on how to stay sane and tranquil in this part of the cyber universe and – yes, loving – would be very welcome.

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1 Response to Religion blogs: an appeal

  1. mythicsushi says:

    It’s just like politics, there are legions of people with strong opinions on the subject, and friction is inevitable. There will always be people with less verbal restraint than others who vent their anger at the “other” via the Internet.

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