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Papal inviduality

I am not a Roman Catholic but  I find the Church endlessly fascinating.  The Pope’s recent ‘clarification’ of the Church’s position on condoms, for instance.  We learn that the prohibition on condoms is not as absolute as we all thought.  … Continue reading

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Royal wedding

Over the past few years I’ve chopped and changed my views about the monarchy.  Surely a republic would be more suitable now, especially if it brought in with it a clearer statement of our democratic rights?  But then, I love … Continue reading

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The same train every day

After some searching I’ve only just managed to find this poignant song online so, rather than let it disappear into cyberspace again, here is the link to it: Elaine Paige and Christopher Cross in gleaming, plangent, rather metallic style duetting … Continue reading

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Stendhal Syndrome

It must be one of the strangest maladies recognised by medical science.  It afflicts tourists who, after some exposure to great art, especially in Italy, feel weak and dizzy; some even have to be hospitalised. The condition is named Stendhal … Continue reading

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Tea Party woes

History is not kind to every insurgent movement: some succeed and change things for ever; many others make their point and then fade.  This is probably what will happen to the amorphous Tea Party movement in the US which most … Continue reading

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Pious Americans on TV

We are often told that Americans are more religious than we are, more ‘church-going’, so I have to ask this. Has anybody else noticed that, except in the case of weddings and funerals, no-one in any of the American TV … Continue reading

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