Pious Americans on TV

We are often told that Americans are more religious than we are, more ‘church-going’, so I have to ask this. Has anybody else noticed that, except in the case of weddings and funerals, no-one in any of the American TV series we watch over here in the UK ever voluntarily attends an act of worship?

The only instances I can think of, apart from the special case of M.A.S.H, are Dr Susan Lewis going to church in a Christmas episode of ER, Michael Steadman being at a synagogue occasion in thirtysomething and Toby Ziegler attending Temple in an early episode of The West Wing.  In the same series President Bartlett has his confession heard in the Oval Office and asks to be alone in Washington National Cathedral.  Apart from that: nothing. Perhaps others can think of other instances.

Isn’t this rather odd?  I do not mean to make a judgement here, I’m just curious.  And I loved that series Nothing Sacred.

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