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Yes, Lady Warsi, but…

Baroness Warsi is probably right when she claims that there is a certain degree of social acceptance of anti-Islamic thinking in Britain at present, shading into respectable prejudice.  But let’s have some context and perspective here, for goodness’ sake. Anything … Continue reading

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Clemenceau’s one-liners

A master of the pungent put-down, the sarcastic quip or the cynical shrug, Georges Clemenceau (1841 – 1929) was twice prime minister of France, the second time during the First World War.  In the forests of the internet I have … Continue reading

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Lost love

When we are offered the chance of love, we don’t always take it.  There are various reasons we fool ourselves with, chiefly pride and a want of generosity and response. It’s all there in one of my favourite poems, Brian … Continue reading

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Too good for your own good?

When you: apply for a new job, don’t you just hate it when you ask for the Person Specification and it turns out to require a mixture of Richard Branson, Albert Einstein and Mother Teresa?  Does it ever happen the … Continue reading

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