Royal IQ

Portrait, oil on canvas, of Edward Emily Gibbo...

Edward Gibbon via Wikipedia

The present troubles of the Duke of York – a man to whom it had to be once explained how you put the rubbish out when you live in a terraced house – irresistably remind me of one of my favourite quotes, by a master of the English language:

“The generality of princes, if they were stripped of their purple, and cast naked into the world, would immediately sink to the lowest rank of society, without a hope of their emerging from their obscurity.” Edward Gibbon  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ch22 p329

Some years ago someone suggested that it has been the Windsors’ very lack of mental agility and coverage that has guaranteed their survival into the modern age.  So we have Prince Andrew and his brothers, in their purple, for many years yet.

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