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Rio De Janeiro, 1846

A lady traveller’s impressions of imperial Brazil include this vignette, courtesy of Project Gutenberg: “I was fortunate enough during my stay in Rio Janeiro to witness several different public festivals. The first was on the 21st of September, in the … Continue reading

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Their Majesties’ descent

Who gets to be queen consort to a British king?  For centuries, the answer was simple: only a lady with regnal rank would do.  But that started changing in 1893.  From that date onwards, there has been something of a … Continue reading

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Out of the way, doc!

It’s as if a street brawl between two bare-knuckle bruisers is suddenly interrupted by a doctor claiming that a passer-by has been felled by a stray punch and is now dead.  In response, one of the protagonists starts beating up … Continue reading

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