Why are we voting?

Now that the Brexit campaigns are winding down, we are entitled to ask what they were all about.  Not Europe; not even migration.  Judging by what ordinary people going about their lives in front of the media’s lens had to say, the EU referendum offered an opportunity to lash out against the ‘way things are going’: turbo-capitalism, globalisation, inequality, the standard of living, genteel deprivation; above all, a chance to wonder aloud, who makes the decisions that affect me and mine without any participation by me?  “You work, we rule, they said.  We worked, they ruled./ They fooled the tenements. All men were fooled.” (from Empires, by Douglas Dunn).  Whatever the result of the vote tomorrow, this sullen bewilderment and anger has to be addressed, and healed.


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Writer, thinker and proud grandfather
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