UK’s perfect storm

For British politics now, the truth is that we are living through a fivefold crisis, unfolding horrors every day; trapped in a nightmare from which there seems no escape.

An existential crisis: the very concept of the Union is now under threat as the four countries that make up the UK wonder aloud about its resilience and adjust their breakaway plans accordingly.

A constitutional crisis caused by government’s attempt to exclude Parliament from meaningful roles in the Brexit process, as shown by the Miller case, and by the lamentable behaviour of most MPs which is dragging the legislature down.

A legislative crisis brought about by the needs for regulatory alignment with the EU, with all those new statutory instruments now required, and broken links repaired.

A government crisis: as all Whitehall hands are sent to the Brexit pump the business of government has ground to a halt.  Think of everything not happening. British politics is ill.

A socio-economic crisis: the impoverishment looming especially for the many who voted Leave, post-Brexit unrest, the rise of thuggish populism and the post-austerity revelations showing just how divided we are.

Even to write about all this is depressing; fearful, too.  Where are heading?



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