Poem for Luca

Luca’s poem

I am four in one:

I am Tamil
I am from Tamil Nadu
Where we face to the East
To the sunrise in the morning
To the lands of rice and pearls and silk

I am Malayali
I am from Kerala
Where we face towards the West
To the sunset and the evening
To the lands of dates and spices, gold, and the warm Arabian seas

I am English
I am from England
Where we look to the North
To its rivers of history, cities and welcoming,
And the green lands of streams, trees and flowers, soft winds and rain

I am Italian
I am from Italy
Where we look to the South
To the hot sun of midday and passion and pride
And the lands of the olive, music and wine

I am Luca
I am all of these, from all of these,
Four stories in one,
Four histories, four homelands, four families
That make me who I am.



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