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Italian pride

Stendhal’s love of gossip, acerbic comment and piercing observation throw up a continual stream of delight. Here he is, in 1816, on Italian pride speaking truth to power. In Bologna, it would take more courage than I possess to hint … Continue reading

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Race the servants

Some index entries are even more interesting than the content of the book itself.  The index to Richard Coe’s translation of Stendhal‘s Rome, Naples and Florence (Calder, 1959) contains gems like this for which there are no actual referents in … Continue reading

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Stendhal Syndrome

It must be one of the strangest maladies recognised by medical science.  It afflicts tourists who, after some exposure to great art, especially in Italy, feel weak and dizzy; some even have to be hospitalised. The condition is named Stendhal … Continue reading

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